August 27, 2017

LME 737 Technology Projects

LME 737 – TS 19 Animation Module

Using Stop Motion Animation to Retell History
In 200 or more words, discuss what ways do you personally see animation as a benefit to your classroom for both the teacher and students? Give some examples of how you could implement animation usage.

Students are amazing and can create incredible products if we, the teachers, are willing to get out of their way. Teachers often feel like they need to control all aspects of an assignment and walk the students through to a finished product. Teachers are also pressured by state mandates to cover a specific amount of content in order to prepare the students for standardized testing. The added pressure does not allow time for authentic student learning. Using animated videos to complete a class project or an assignment will provide students with a unique opportunity to create and tell a story, limited only by their imaginations.

To implement the use of an animated video for a class project, the teacher simply needs to provide the student with a topic. The teacher does not need to decide which platform the students need to use. Allow the students to research the different types of animation software available and let them choose. After the topic has been assigned to the students, the teacher needs to step aside and let the student’s creative process take over. If the students have questions or require technical assistance, the teacher can be there to help.

I am adding this sentence in order to meet the specific criteria listed in the question prompt to have 200 or more words.

Animations contain both visual and content elements. What content will you focus on with the animation you want to design? Include what message you want to be conveyed or what compelling story you would like to tell. This animation should be either as a teaching tool in presenting information to your students about your selected topic OR as a student tool in presenting information on your selected topic.

For the TS module, I am concentrating on the historical content discussed in a middle school classroom. However, the #Stickbot Studio animation platform could be used for so much more than just retelling historical narratives. Stickbots could be used to retell a story they read instead of writing a book report or used to demonstrate a mathematical concept recently mastered in class.

The animation video created for the TS-19 module is a short introduction to the student assignment. After viewing the video, students will be asked to retell any historical event discussed in class or any historical event that interest them the most. After the topic is selected and approved, the students will be provided with Stickbot figures, accessories, and a device with the #Stickbot Studio app already downloaded. With the topic and supplies in hand, the students can retell their favorite historical event!

What website or software program have you chosen to help create the animation?

#Stickbot Studios is an app available in the Apple and Android app stores.

Construct a storyboard for your animation that includes sketches as well as content you would like to include in your animation. This can be electronic or hand-sketched.

Include a reliable website URL or an electronic copy of your final animation project.

Materials Used

#Stickbot Studios App


Google Images

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