August 27, 2017

20% Project


Operation Soup Sandwich unCLASSIFIED Materials

TED Talk / YouTube Instructional Setup Video




I had the AWESOME and AMAZING opportunity to present the Breakout – Operation Soup Sandwich to the facilitators of the WKU ROTC program on 12 October 2017. Initially, they were disengaged but that quickly changed when they got their first lock off. After that, they were off and running.  The leadership team removed the final lock with 15 minutes on the clock with smiles on their faces.

Now, I need to finalize and reproduce the game and documents so they will have their own copy for the future leaders of the US Army to work through.



The Operation Soup Sandwich Breakout project is well underway and about 85-90% complete. The first test run was completed today (7 October 2017) and only a few minor tweaks need to be made. The Breakout will be presented on 12 October 2017 for Dr. Maxwell and US Army representatives. 

Here are a few images from the first test run. Thanks to my friend, consultant, and former tank commander and his daughters for being the test Breakout contestants.



The DoD has been working on a TOP SECRET project that will forever change the dynamics of the battlefield. Unfortunately, Private Dufflebag fell asleep at his post and allowed the asset to be stolen.

The DoD has selected your team to recover the asset. Your team will infiltrate the enemy facility, recover the asset, and proceed to exfil site Charlie 12. Enemy forces will be closing on your position. You have 45 minutes to complete the mission.



The Breakout EDU game provides participants with opportunities to fail forward. To successfully complete a game, the participants must be willing to fail multiple times and try again. Participants will be required to collaborate, communicate, and use critical problem-solving skills. Breakout EDU also provides the facilitator with an opportunity to observe problem-solving strategies, critical thinking skills, and content knowledge while allowing the participants to take ownership of their learning.

Operation Soup Sandwich is a new Breakout EDU game (submission pending) designed to introduce military personnel to the world of critical thinking inside the classroom. The Breakout strategy will be taught to a cohort of military personnel, demonstrating the relevance of integrating technology, critical thinking skills, and perseverance through problem-solving.  The Breakout session will be presented to students enrolled in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC).

LME 737
Week 4 – Week14
The process begins with a proposal in Week 4 and the design process takes place up to Week 14 with updates posted during Weeks 7, 9, and 11.

Breakout EDU kit
An imagination
Google Suite Tools


6 thoughts on “20% Project

  • I’m going to tell you how excited I am for you to complete this project. We’ve talked about it a great deal already as you’ve begun to assemble the components you’ll need.

    Breakouts are right up your alley, my friend. Get that trainer certification done and run with this idea for the military. Might be a great path for you to follow on the side. You know I’m there with you if you need help or need someone to bounce ideas off of.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • This is an awesome idea! I love the escape games !
    Suggestion: When offering clues, don’t allow several items to be received at once! This can be really confusing. Only allow what is is absolutely necessary to move on to the next clue .

  • Wow! I really like the idea of setting up the project like a mission with a clear goal. It definitely suits your personality and military background. I also like that students will be rewarded and can feel good about failing because they have the opportunity to try again. Great idea!

    • You could. Maybe not this Breakout but there are so many that have already been created. The little ones would need help with the locks but it’s never too early to start developing the critical thinking skills… Well, maybe there is an age – I have no clue. Checkout

  • All I can say is AMAZING! This is what it’s all about. Your intricate planning and materials collection is inspiring. My kids are reading Hatchet and I want to create something on a much smaller scale to simulate surviving in the wild. Thank you for sharing this project!

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