Education Technology Leadership Reflection

Describe your educational technology leadership philosophy and style. Include APA citations and references from leaders in the field that have influenced your thinking; some references may be from leadership and some from educational technology. Reading through the multiple leadership styles, I struggled to find one that completely fit my personal leadership style. The opening description Read more about Education Technology Leadership Reflection[…]

LME 737 – Educational Technology – Blog 3

ED TECH TRENDS Using G-Suite Tools to Simplify Parent-Teacher Communications Parent Communication Communicating with parents regarding student success and failure has always been an additional task for teachers to juggle. Teachers at Bardstown Middle School are using Google Sheets to provide real-time communication with parents. If a student has done something incredibly amazing or has decided Read more about LME 737 – Educational Technology – Blog 3[…]

LME 737 – Educational Technology – Blog 2

Digital Learning Advocacy LME 737 – Educational Technology – Blog 2 What is digital learning? By definition, digital learning is any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience. But digital learning is more than just putting a student in front of a computer, it’s a chance to provide a more Read more about LME 737 – Educational Technology – Blog 2[…]

Blog 3 – Student Engagement

How would the other authors/speakers agree or disagree with Carol Dweck’s concept of “Mindset”? Discuss two ways that you can incorporate a “growth mindset” in your instruction for your students. What type of mindset do you have? Before you can impact the mindset of the students in your charge, you must first know understand the Read more about Blog 3 – Student Engagement[…]

Blog 2 – Cognitive Complexity

Prompt 1: Marc Prensky is the author of Brain Gain: Technology and the Quest for Digital Wisdom. In a video synopsis of the concept of Brain Gain, Prensky discusses how today’s students are underutilized and taught from a top down perspective. He states that current educators are spending too much time trying to teach students Read more about Blog 2 – Cognitive Complexity[…]